Friday, April 22, 2005

FRIDAY ... Once again

Friday is finally here. The week has been dragging. The fact that there were no students here for the first half of the day has thrown my entire schedule off. It has made the days twice as long.

Let me just take a moment and say that "Napoleon Dynamite" was one of the dumbest movies I have ever tried to ignore in my life. That is my free personal opinion. No charge to ya.

So, here we are on another Friday trying to catch up the classes that missed the quizzes that the rest of the classes took. The classes ahead in the quizzing are working on a community class project. I am trying to even them out again. It is much easier when I am teaching the same thing to all classes. That will only work this year, though. Next year, I will be teaching two distinctly separate classes. One will be a repeat of this year. The second/afternoon class will be the continuation of this years class.

Mike Durbin, Owner of Thoroughbred Electric, stopped by this morning for a visit and to tour our class and shop. He was impressed. He wants to donate material (Yipeeeee). He has invited me to bring my classes to any of his residential projects here in Winchester. It will be a great chance for them to get a look at real life work and a chance to get a little hands on outside class experience. I invited him to join my Advisory Committee. He accepted.

Tammy called at the beginning of lunch. She gave me the news, good, bad, and indifferent. I just love hearing her voice, even if it is bad news. I don;t enjoy the bad news, but I do love talking with her. Yeah, I know, we are strange.

Tonight, we will be out and about. There is karaoke to be done and we are just the duo to do it.

I am sure there will be much to be reported. This looks like it will be a busy weekend. Sleep may suffer. Which is cool, as long as sex doesn't suffer. I just love the feel of Tammy next to me. I love the feel of her flesh against mine. I love her softness in her soft places and the hardness of her hard places. I love her sweet taste and hot tongue. (Did I mention that I sometimes write erotic literature? Hit me up for a sample if you are interested.) I must stop before I venture into the TMI area for Russ.
Look for more later ... much later ...

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