Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Also ran ...

There were a couple other stanzas that didn't make it into the poem yesterday ..

Chella and I were talking a few day s ago. We touched on silence. She stated that silence was the scariest sound there was. It was interesting. Yesterday's poem was the result. The following were also the result. I have included the reason they didn't make it into the poem.

My heart beats like a hammer
against this wall of silence
obliviously pounding
without the benefit of knowing
what effect
on this fearsome sound

This one didn't make it in because it talked about silence as a wall, whereas the finished project was more centered on silence as a river. It just wouldn't fit.


Silence crashes
like waves on my soul
wiping away
the edges of my facade
retreating in the undertow
ebbs of my strength
waving waving waves
carry away my life

Same reason as the last one kept this out. While it is talking about water, it is more centered on silence as an ocean. Again, I didn't feel it would fit.

Also, I want to add a comment by DaVinci here ... "No work of art is ever finished. It is only abandoned."

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