Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The feeding frenzy begins

Let me start off by saying that I am not a Catholic, but if you wish to discuss the beginnings of the Catholic Church and subsequent history, I can still hang with ya. This post is in no way meant to be disrespectful of the new Pope and/or the Catholic Church. It is just a post about the media feeding frenzy.

Last night, while watching the news, there was a story about a local nun that met the new Pope before he became the Pope. OK, the Pope is 78 years old. He has been the Pope for less than 48 hours. There have to be thousands of people covering the last 78 years that met Cardinal Ratzinger while he was just a parish priest, and thousands more that met him as he rose through the ranks. Suddenly, a local nun has notoriety because she met him years ago. As if, in some brief meeting, she can now give the world insight into the next popes reign.

Later, on the national news, one commentator said that experts were saying that this Pope's length in office will probably not be as long as the last pope. OK, he is 78 years old. Pope John Paul was Pope for 28 years. If he is to outdo John Paul, he will have to live to be over 104 years old. Brilliant deduction there, experts.

The media is spreading it's blanket. Soon we will know everything there is to know about Pope Benedict XVI. I cant wait to find out if he prefers the toilet paper to roll off the front of the roll or off the back of the roll. Enquiring mind, ya know?


Tex said...

My problem with the media is they report on things that just do NOT matter! A few weeks ago there was a whole story, not just a little side note, but a WHOLE story with pictures and interviews about a... you ready for this?
a lady that lost her cat.
She was even crying when she had her interview. "If you know where my cat is please, please bring him home!"
Okay lady, I'm sure you miss your puss but honestly, you lost a cat. Just like the other millions of Americans that lose/lost cats all the time.

It isn't important, it isn't interesting, and they're ONLY reporting on it because they have NOTHING else in the news, like the Pope thing. I think it's fine that we have a new pope and though I'm not Catholic I'll support him, sure.. but do I need to see his face on TV everytime they have a half hour news? No, not really.

Brighton said...

That is why my husband and I stopped watching the local news. It's just a bunch of useless drivel that has no real news value. Sadly, the world news is becoming the same way.