Friday, April 08, 2005

Finishing up the week at school

it is Friday. That is a cool thing.

The day was not too bad. It did have a few moments. The principal talked to the kids involved in the table sawing incident. I had to inform the rest of the classes, so as not to have a repeat in any of them. Most of these kids are good to OK kids.

I did tell one of my students, in construction worker fashion, that you cant bullshit a bullshitter. He was cutting a piece of conduit for his project. He cut it once. Then, without moving, cut it again. Then, again without moving, cut it a third time. He was just killing time and making noise like he was working. I flat told him. He was not fooling me, nor would he ever fool me. I have done all the tricks and been caught at them by another former bullshitter.

I have explained to them all, that the bottom line is the grade. When it is all said and done at the end of the day, have you drifted or have you contributed?

anyway, it is about time for me to go home and kiss my darling. So ............


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