Monday, April 11, 2005

The Monday cometh

here is it ... Monday morning.
After a weekend of no blogging, I am sitting at my desk at school, wondering just where the weekend went. They seem so short, don't they ?

We went out Friday night to Todd's Karaoke. I finally had enough throat to sing a few. I did 3 songs. I started with one of the harder songs I sing. I figured if I were going to give the throat a go, I might as well stretch that go to the limits. I did "Keeper of the stars" It is a song that explores a wide vocal range. It forces me to use at least 3 octaves.

From there I went to "My heart is lost to you" by Brooks & Dunn. It is a great song. It has a Spanish flavor (if you are not familiar with it). After that, I tried a completely new (to me) one. We generally call that a Karaoke Suicide. The first time one tries a new song is rather nerve wracking, especially for a perfectionist like me. Tammy said I did great. She is biased, of course, but she is honest about music. She will tell, and has told, me when I sucked on a song.
Saturday was okay. We didn't go much of anywhere or do much of anything. We considered going out and singing, but that faded. It must be a swing. Sometimes, I cant get enough, and other times I couldn't care less.

Sunday was good. We (Tammy, Kyle, and myself) went to breakfast. I was planning on the haircut thing, but it didn't happen. I am sure it wasn't the breakfast, but my stomach was just a little off all weekend. It wasn't terribly upset, but it wasn't happy either. I wasn't tossing my cookies, but everything I ate or drank gave me the burps, the farts, or a light nausea. That kept me close to the house.

A few movies and some online time and the day was just about done. A semi restless night and here I am again to start all over.

we will see what the new week brings.

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