Monday, April 04, 2005

Break over ... Break begins

Spring break is over in Clark County. Spring break begins in Fayette County.

I have students today for the first time in a week. It seemed like longer and they wished it were. We are easing slowly back into the school work schedule. We watched a DVD on wiring methods and took a quick quiz on it. I, also, explained their next project to them and laid it out for them in the shop. This project is going to be a departure for them. It involves metal boxes and conduit. They have bent conduit bends and worked a little on the various types of bends, but they haven't incorporated them into conduit runs.

This project will also involve pulling wire in the conduit, which will entail them figuring out how many of what kind of wires they need. Then they will install the devices and make it work.

I have changed the grading on their projects slightly. Now, 50% of the grade is that it works. If it doesn't work, they can lose 50%. However, I generally give the a chance to correct their mistakes and re-grade it (on the working part only). If they can make it work the second time, I will only take off 25% instead of 50%.

With the amount of information that they can request at no cost on their grade, and the tests we take on completed projects (the paper part of what they just did in the shop), one has to be trying real hard to flunk.

Spring break has just begun for my kids at home. One day this week, Kyle (9) is going to come to school with me and work with the kids on the new project. He is excited about that. I will fit him up with a tool belt and pouch, filled with the tools necessary for the job. He will assist a team in each class. It is gonna be fun for both of us, I think.
I will finish my lunch by checking out the World in the news. If something grinds my ass, I might be back.

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