Thursday, April 28, 2005


There is something undeniably calming about the slicing of light as it slides across the horizon .. Chasing away the heretofore smothering darkness ..

seeing the sun break the horizon ..
seeing the sword of the sun tear the fabric of the sky ..
seeing the brilliant lights of oranges and yellows and reds pierce the curtain of darkness ..
seeing the sunrise come in like a flood, washing away the haze of yesterday ..

No matter how many ways you write or tell it, it is nearly impossible to adequately depict the effect of watching the birth of a new day. I know in my mind that this day started at midnight last night. I know in my head that the day is almost 7 hours old before the sun breaks the veil of darkness. I know, in my intellect, that the path of the spinning ball we call Earth has once again turned us toward the massively gaseous orb called Sol.

I used to watch it 'rise' as I drove to work. I work east of my home, so I drove into that sunrise. For the moment, turmoil is suspended. Chaos continues, but somewhere else. On that stretch of interstate, the rays of the morning sun crawl their way into the landscape. Shadows tremble and then run, hiding themselves from that warmth and brightness. Serenity is defined in sunrises.

Since the time change, the sun is already made that that journey before I leave for work. That just sucks. Somedays, I really need that sunrise.

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TammyJ said...

I miss the sunrise too.. I close my eyes while you are driving off to work.. I turn my head towards the east.. I imagine a breeze lightly laced with salt.. I feel the moisture on my skin.. I allow the brightness to penetrate my lids.. I blow you a kiss and start my day..