Sunday, May 01, 2005

Laughing until I cry

Friday night and last night were trips to hilarity.

Friday , we went out to eat at Friends & Co. It is always a good trip to Friends. It is a restaurant/sports bar. We go there regularly to watch UK play sports and/or to eat. Good food, good prices, great company.

Both nights of the weekend we went to Todds to karaoke. Russ met us at Todd's as did another friend, Todd. Once there, we discovered that Todd (owner) is having a Karoke Contest on Thursday, May 19th. The first place winner gets $75, second place gets $35, and third, fourth, and fifth get $20 a piece. At some point during the weekend visits, Tammy and Todd decided that it would only be fair if I were only allowed to enter once. There are other contests scattered around the city.

Anyway, the hilarity was outside the bar. Those non-Lexingtonians that read this have to understand that, Lexington, in the heart of Kentucky, the tobacco state, has a smoking ban which prohibits smoking in ANY public building. It is a common sight in Lexington to see smokers sitting outside the doors of eating and/or drinking establishments enjoying their smokes. Tammy smokes. I do not, but I am often outside with the smokers because many of our friends smoke as well.

Friday night, we were also visited by Gary (best man at our wedding). It is his birthday weekend. He will be 48 on Monday. We were outside joking around and dying in laughter. It was great. At one point in the evening, Russ (who had been imbibing earlier in the evening) decided he was exhausted and went home. Gary went back to the bar across the street (his regular hang out .. Friends). We were then joined at todd's by late arriving David, Vickie, Susan, and Sturgill. We knew David already, the other we had only talked to in the chatroom. It was great to meet them, finally.

We both sang one more song and went home.

Saturday, we took Kyle (9) to see the helicopter and meet Officer Don, who does the traffic reports for several local radio and TV stations in the mornings and afternoons. He got in the helicopter and I took his pic. It is a small thing, only weighing 900 pounds. That was fun.

The evening, it was back to Todd's. Tammy stated before we went that she didn't want to stay long. I told her that was fine by me. We would leave whenever she said she wanted to go. The crowd was a bit more sparse than it was Friday night. A few friends, Karen and Mike were there when we arrived, as was Dwayne, a friend from another circle. We secured a couple tables close to the door and proceeded to fill the night with music. Russ eventually joined us, then Gary, then Kevin and Donna (haven't seen in a while). The hilarity began again. We didn't leave until nearly midnight. Tammy decided, in the midst of the laughter, that she wanted to stay more than a little bit.

Here it is Sunday morning. The laughter no longer makes my face ache. It just tickles my heart. It has been a good weekend thus far. We will see how it finishes.

Tammy just brought me a bowl of Captain Crunch with Crunchberries. Wahhhooooooooo. Time to roll off of here for a bit.

Y'all come back now, ya hear ?

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