Monday, January 31, 2005

Real people

Carlie and Jack are married. Lily is trying to get Holden. The baby isn't really Davids, he is Jacks. I am scared. Tammy is talking about soap opera people as if they are real. It took 14 months of being off work for her to finally break. I blame myself. I went back to work at the end of December. It has been a month that she hasn't had me to play with during the day (update, Russ).

Other than that scary thought, things are okay.

My Principal paid me an extreme compliment this morning. He was telling me about a student he wants to move into my class. He is a freshman. He is headed to court for truancy. He has missed quite a bit of school. He said the choice was mine. He further said that he had watched me teach and interact with students. He could tell that I liked the students and cared about whether they learned or not. He said I had the makings of a fine teacher. I have what it takes. I thanked him. I told him to put the new kid in my 4th block (smallest class) where I would be able to give him more personal attention. If Joe only knew how much I love challenges, or perhaps, he does.

I gave my classes the planned 'pop' quiz today. Most did well. It was the last grade before the mid-terms come out on Tuesday. It was the last chance to add a few points to the grade. Most added at least 2 points to their mid-term grade.

I also laid about $10,800 worth of material and tool orders on Joe's desk before I left this afternoon. He will get those in the morning. Items that we need that do not exceed $1000 do not require as many signatures. I kept it all under that figure and spread it out among 5 different suppliers to satisfy the state requirement that we not spend more than $3000 at any one supplier in any one month. The real fun of working for the state is in the paperwork and rules.

Tammy is happy. Her gap is fixed. She can tell ya all about it in her blog.

I downloaded a tax program this evening (which will remain nameless unless they want to pay me to advertise) and tentatively did our taxes. I do still have one W-2 out there somewhere. A company for which I worked for about 2 weeks is holding up the works. Still, it looks better than we figured.

We will invite ya all to the "we did well on our taxes" party. It will be a BYOC (Bring Your Own Celebration) party. We will supply us. You supply you.

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TammyJ said...

Hey Baby... Why wouldn't your principal pay you a compliment.. you are a wonderful teacher, you are great with kids..Think about it.. you got Sierra to understand math.. you know that Helen Keller movie "The Miracle Worker" well that is what you are getting her to "get" it.. Have a great day.. I love you..