Saturday, January 08, 2005

Slow Saturday

It has been a slow Saturday. We actually got up early and hung around the house. Sometime this morning, I went to lay on the bed for a minute. Tammy came in and laid down with me. Next thing we knew, the kids were knocking on the door, waking us up an hour or so later.

We got briefly motivated and made it to Johnny's to finish the plumbing/electric work. We took Malcolm with us, since he just loves to ride. After we finished the job, we came back and dropped him off before I went to have my head shaved (almost). My regular or semi regular barber was across town and I hadn't made an appointment, so I decided to stop at Wal-Mart (Yes, the den of evil) for my haircut. The girl that cut my hair had on of the scariest haircuts I have seen in some time. It wasn't that it was a bad cut, though. It looked like that on purpose. One of the other 'stylists' was doing a weave, and the transexual was doing something to some other ladies hair that was frightening.

Tami asked me how I wanted my hair cut. I told her I wanted a 1/4" on the side and back. She said. "Off?" I said, "No, left! And leave me 3/4" on the top." She was thrilled. She said that was her kind of hair cut. Soon, the hair was leaving my head by the handfuls. (It has been a few days since my hair was cut.) Ten minutes later I was a short haired man again. It looked good. Tammy was disappointed because there is not hair that she can grab in the back now. There is about a month of good hair for both of us. From the time my hair is long enough for her to like it and the time that it is too long for me to stand it, is about a month.

We grabbed the movie, "Resident Evil:Apocalypse" from Hollywood and headed home.

We decided to stay in tonight. We watched the movie and I worked on MS Excel to create a price sheet for my class. (Remember, I have to spend $15,000 on tools and material) I have to have the list ready on Monday or lose the grant.
That was my evening. How was yours ?

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