Thursday, January 06, 2005

Continuation ...

It was another good day at work. The students are settling in. The administration and I are still working on ordering the materials that we need to begin working in the shop. The carpentry class is still working on the 30' wall. We had decided to add a few additions in the form of 3 short walls perpendicular to that wall, one at each end and one in the middle.

The computer/printing class finished my first lessons today, so I was able to pass out a safety handbook to the guys in 3rd thru 5th block. Tomorrow, the guys in 1st block will get their copies. With any luck, by Monday we will be ready for a test on safety. Once safety is cleared, the shop awaits. We will have a few walls to work on, and some tools, and soon, some material.

Soon, I will have the sleeping and waking thing down pat, I hope. It seems I toss and turn throughout the night, partially because of heat. Then, about 2 PM the yawns hit me. I almost have my peeing schedule down as well, once at the beginning of the day, once at lunch, and then at the end of the day. I just have to keep the drinking to a minimum. I guess I'll have to cut out my mid morning scotch and soda. I also think it would be best to do away with that jack and coke just after lunch. Yeah ! I know, Tammy and Russ, you want me to bite yer elbows.

I got word back on the contract. The negotiations are nearly complete. I think we are days away from a signing. I have negotiated a larger royalty, more free copies, and gotten clarification on a more realistic time frame.

Oh yeah, Russ, while I am writing this, I am practicing "Monday Morning Church".

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