Saturday, January 29, 2005

The TEST is done !!

I finished the test.

It was computer based, so I got some of my scores immediately. I got 187 out of 190 (per the administrators of the test) on the math part and 183 on the reading part. The writing part has to be graded, since I had to write an essay. I finished all the tests well under the time limits allowed. I hope that is a good sign, lol.
The weather is semi-nasty. It had been raining ice for hours when I left to drive to the testing site. The roads were mostly just wet and I passed a salt truck or two along the way. That should keep the roads in decent shape. The temps are climbing. It is over 32° out there now. The extended forecast calls for snow and more snow. There is to be accumulating snow this evening and more accumulating snow tomorrow evening. Fun, fun, fun.

We will be heading out this afternoon to join friends at Friends to watch the UK game. That is going to be fun. I love the bunch we run with (mostly). I am sure there will be much to blog about later.

Chella is going to see J at 2ish. Will be an interesting evening. We shall see.

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