Saturday, January 22, 2005

Still snowy

It has been a nice day here in snowy Lexington. Stacey sent us some snow from NY. We (according to whichever source you choose) were supposed to get somewhere from a foot to a dusting. The dusting began around noon and continued steady all afternoon. It is still dusting out there. There must be a dozen layers of dust out there. It really isn't that much accumulation. It is around an inch or so.

We braved the roads to meet friends of an internet group for our monthly meeting. There were about 30 other braving souls out. It was a good time. We got to see old friends and new ones, and some we haven't seen for a bit.

We got home about an hour ago. Safe and sound, still. The house was still standing too (always a good thing). I am wrapping up my internet involvement for the night as Tammy is finishing her 'last' game of solitaire on the laptop. A nice warm waterbed awaits. There will also be a soft snuggly sexy redhead in there too (do you feel updated, Russ?).

Good night all !

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jessgirl said...

Hey, thanks for your comment in Endless Musings.
We got about a foot up here in the Chicago area and they've just issued another winter storm warning; so I guess we're going to get even more. At least we're pretty much used to it.
Well, hope you and your family are staying warm.