Monday, January 10, 2005

Monday Monday

Today I gave my students their, well .. my, first test. It was a test of my skills as a teacher to reach them with the information in such a way as to imprint it on their minds. So, it was a test for both of us. I explained to them previously that it was not my goal to flunk them. It is my goal to teach them. Any one can disseminate information and grade standard tests. I want to give them the knowledge and skill that is necessary to take them to the next step and prepare them for the other side.

I remember, as a student, thinking how it would be to finally be out of school and working. I had envisioned how it must be. I, like most high school students, was completely naive. The real world was nothing like the hallowed halls of education. I, personally, feel that is a shortcoming of our educational system. I do think we should be including core concepts of work ethics and practical 'education to work' skills in our education system. In today's job market, it is not enough just to have education skills. One must have practical work skills as well. Education should be a 'hands on' apprenticeship type thing.

Just how does plane geometry impact the rest of my life? Show me in a practical way. Like yesterday, I was teaching about a math concept of algebra. If P=IxE, then E=P/I. I wanted to show the students how I arrived at the conclusion. I used a pick up game of basketball as example. If you have 6 guys, you put 3 on each team, therefore 3=3. If 4 more guys showed up and wanted to join, what would you do? The solution was simple to them. Put 2 guys on each team, making 5=5. That is algebra. Whatever you do to one side of an equation, you must do to the other side, with the "=" being the line between the sides. So, If P=IxE, and you divide the right side by 'I' to leave you with only 'E', then you must do the same to the other team and divide 'P' by 'I'. This leaves you with E=P/I. The light came on. I am a seeker of that light.

Anyway, most passed the test, at least by the second try.

As soon as we get some tools and material in, I will show them how this education impacts their daily life in the real workplace. Then we will see lotsa lights, literally.

Upon arriving home, I was apprised of the new drama. It seems that the puppy we gave Jordan, with his mom's approval, crapped in the house and his mom decided the puppy had to go. Jordan defended the puppy being there by reminding his mom that she approved it beforehand. She explained that, that was yesterdays decision and this is today's decision. Furthermore, the puppy could go or both he and the puppy could go. He opted for the both going part. Now we have a Jordan, for which my big hearted wife feels obligated to find a place to live. I just keep reminding myself how much I love her and don't ever want her to change. Oh yeah, and we have his dog .. and his cat .. bringing the temporary pet total in the house to 8. That would be 2 dogs, 3 puppies, 1 cat, 1 kitten, and 1 snake.

Pets, anyone ??

We had the meeting about the incorporation of the internet group. It was suggested that since I was a state employee now, that I might want to keep my name off of the incorporation papers, which I can do and still be a board member. That was cool with me. The lawyer, David, that was doing the incorporation for us is also looking over my contract with the publishing company. Hopefully, I will have a viable offer for the publisher in a few days.

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