Thursday, January 13, 2005

Unapologetic creationist

I just read an article about a Federal judges ruling that the Cobb County Schools in GA have to remove a sticker from their biology text books that says evolution is a theory and not a fact and should be approached with an open mind, studied carefully and critically considered.

OK, so what. Evolution is a theory. It should be taught as such. The ACLU claimed that the sticker was an unfair endorsement of religion. What the ACLU does not understand is the evolution is a religious belief. It is where science stops being science and becomes an act of faith.

Science says, If it happened once, I can recreate it and make it happen again. If I cannot recreate it or show a continuous string of events which lead to the ultimate conclusion, then it is not a scientific fact.

Evolutionist contend that life began in a pool of chemicals struck by a random electrical charge of a lightning bolt. Single cell life began. From there the myriad complexity we call the Earth was populated with animals and eventually man. OK, recreate that.

All right, forget recreating it, show me the continuous string. You guys ever heard of the missing link? You know, that one piece that will tie the stages of evolution together is still missing.

So, you can't recreate it and you can't supply that one link to tie it all together, and you want me to believe it anyway. You want me to take that leaf of faith to believe. That is the job of religion, not science. Religion says, I can't prove it but I want you to accept it. So, evolution endorses religion. It is the place where science stops being science and begins behaving like religion. Personally myself, I choose to accept creation.

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