Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Shocking turn of events

When I came home from school, the TV was on.

On the tube was Maury.

The guests were former guests that had accused their partners of cheating in their relationship. During their first appearances, of course, they vowed to never be with this man/woman again. Here they are again, on national TV accusing that partner that they took back, of cheating again. DUH !

It is amazing on so many levels.

First ... It is amazing that, after having it proven to them by lie detector tests, they take the cheater back, claiming they think he/she will change. Can a cheater change? Yes. However, while watching these particular cheaters on the air, and seeing their complete lack of remorse, their willingness to deny it even after the tests, and their lack of respect for the person they claim to love, there is no way these will change. The biggest reason I don't think these will change is the lack of remorse. They need to feel remorse in order to feel the need to change. Why would anyone change a behavior that they don't conceive as wrong?

Second ... It is amazing that having taken the cheater back they are surprised when they begin to suspect that their partner is cheating again. You know, if there are things that make you suspect that your partner is cheating, you don't need to be in that relationship. If they are acting the part of the cheater, you don't need to be in their life. If you are so suspicious of innocent actions that you suspect everything as evidence of infidelity, you aren't ready to be in the relationship either.

Third ... What person in their right mind goes on national TV to expose their lives in such a fashion. TV shows such as Maury, Montell, Sally Jesse Rapheal, and others do not pay guests. Springer pays guests, and the more clothes you take off, the more you make. Springer even hires actors. In what reality, in what universe, is the right way to confront your partner about a relationship problem to do so on TV. I can see it now, "Honey, I'd like to talk to you about burning dinner last night, but we have to wait for the camera crews to get set up and the host to come in from his/her dressing room."

Fourth ... and scariest ... Why am I watching this? CLICK!

What is it about peering into the personal pain of others that has become so appealing?


jessgirl said...

I think your 3rd question answers the 1st two. Most of the people seen on these shows are not the most educated people in the world. You can usually tell this by their deplorable use of the English language. Therefore, maybe they lack the common sense to not take back someone who lied and cheated on them.
As far as the last part of your pondering. I guess its just like driving past a bad car wreck. Nobody really WANTS to stop and look and yet we all do it. I guess we humans are at times to curious for our own good.

Ron said...

Jess, thanks for the comment .. I check out yer blog .. liked it .. will be back again .. oh yeah .. took the test .. Intellectual here as well