Sunday, January 09, 2005

ER & suddenly called meetings

I was up early this morning. I woke up about 6:45 while the alarm wasn't set to go off until 8:30.

My son-n-law called about 9 to tell me that Audrey was leaving to go to the ER. It seems she woke up, turned her head, and heard a popping sound. Then her neck was stiff. She couldn't move it. I told him we would meet him at the hospital. I called my parents and told they to ask for pray at the morning services. Then I called the ER. The DR was in with Audrey, so I told them to have her call me. We arrived at the hospital in time to meet Adam pulling into the parking lot. He borrowed Kayes car. He told us they had released Audrey. She had pulled a muscle. They gave her Flexeril and Ultram (spelling?).

She assured us the BD party for Chris was still on.

As arranged, Mel called us to let us know she would be in Lexington shortly. We drove over to meet her and picked up 3 of the 7 puppies. The one that looks like Malcolm is the one we will keep. We named her Cleopatra and will call her Cleo for sort. We also got 2 other black and white females, one for Jordan (Sierra's BF) and one that was to be Audrey and Adams, but they changed their minds. We knew this beforehand, but decided to take the puppy and find it a home.

Jordan came over and immediately fell in love with the puppy. They are calling it "Cow" because of the markings it has.

Robin, the leader of an internet group to which Tammy and I belong called to ask if we could attend a hastily called meeting at 7 this evening. We agreed. I am one of the group moderators.

We took Kyle and Cleo with us to the BD Party for Chris (my grandson) at Chucky E. Cheese. Kyle went in, Cleo stayed in the box in the truck. Chasity, Chris, Adam, and the grandkids went crazy over Cleo. We stayed at the part for an hour and a half and then brought Kyle and Cleo home.

From there it was a drive across town to the hastily called meeting. The group plans to incorporate and wants to set up a board. I have been invited to be on the board. The other 4 moderators will also be on the board. They will replace me on the moderators group with Tammy. We are meeting tomorrow to sign the papers and install two other members to the board. Until our positions are filled on the mod list, we will continue to do the jobs we each held on the list.

From there it was finally time to come home and stay here. Sweet !

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