Sunday, January 02, 2005

Just hours now

I have managed to get most of what I wanted to accomplish this weekend finished. I printed the first 3 days of lessons. I printed my "Partners In Education" certificates for the 5 volunteers to my Advisory committee. I have found a few textbooks that I am interested in. I spoke to a former teacher for the Harrison County Vocational School about teaching and picked up some interesting pointers. I wrote my introductory letter to the parents of my students. It feels weird to say that, "my students", but for that 90 minutes they are mine. I am responsible for their safe keeping and their education. That is a big difference from the way I saw teachers when I was 16.

I also managed to spend time with my honey and friends to see in the new year. Truth be told, as much as I enjoyed the friends part of that, I would have been just as happy to bring it in with just her. That is in no way to be considered a slap to our friends. Most of them know how crazy I am about Tammy and would totally understand. (Right, Russ?)

Speaking of Russ, he visited yesterday. Tammy fixed supper and cut his hair. We had a great time. We talked, cut up, watched football, and had a generally good time.

We went to church this morning. That is always a good time, even though Tammy says she has to sit with the most mouthy guy there. (She likes it, don't let her fool ya.)

I introduced Tammy to my favorite Chinese take out place (The Great Wall). She has decided that is her favorite place for Chinese take out as well. I had the sesame chicken and she had the sweet and sour pork. She tried both and decided she loved them both. She loved the pork fried rice. We let Kyle, who claimed he didn't like most Chinese food, try both and he has decided that he might have to rethink that claim.

Chelsea went to evening services with Jordan (upstairs) and Sierra went to Jordan's (BF) house. It made for a quiet evening. A good slow venture into the night. Maybe I will sleep better tonight than recent previous nights, especially now that the heater on the water bed has been turned down again. It is the strangest thing how it keeps moving up to the highest setting of its own accord. No one will claim responsibility. The dogs are over there a lot, but I am not sure they know how to turn it up. Just another one of those unexplained mysteries of the universe.
Anyway .. We are off ..

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