Friday, January 21, 2005

A school/no school day

Clark County called off school this morning. However, I still have to be at school. I went to Southside Vocational to check out their electric shop and program. From there it was down to CCATC (Clark Co Area Technology Center) to finish out the day. I have paperwork to do that was to be done at home. I got a good bit of it done with some to finish at home. Still, it was a productive day.
I took my laptop in to the computer class teacher to be repaired. He said it wasn't worth repairing (I disagree) and gave me another laptop for free (yes, I took it .. lol). I can still have mine repaired. It has info on the harddrive that I need.
Evening was spent at home. We are going out tomorrow evening and I felt like staying home an evening or two .. or three ..

We watched "The Village", which we saw at the theater first. Still, it was a good movie to re-see.
and .. Tomorrow is a sleep in day .. yah !!

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