Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I just couldn't do it

I tried. It wasn't in me.

I tried to spend the $15,000 that the state was ready to grant me to buy material and tools for my class. My principal told me today that he doubled my order and was still well shy of the goal. He asked my to get prices for a scissor lift from a rental place in Winchester. I called and got rental prices. He then told me that he had actually wanted me to get prices to buy one. So, back on the phone I went. I got prices for buying a used one and a new one. The used one would be fine, but he says the state is hesitant to buy used and took the $11,000 price for a new one.
The students and I spent the day cleaning the rest of the tool room and shedding ourselves of all the equipment that we will never use. It was all bought for an industrial maintenance class. Very little of it, if any, will ever be of any use to an electric class. We piled a pallet full of 'stuff' that a neighboring schools maintenance program will come to look over in the morning.

I think I am learning more about the red tape of State Government than the students are learning about electricity. That will change as soon as I get some books from which to teach.

Tonight is going to be a busy one. I have a meeting this evening and books to study. Therefore, it is time to end the blogging and get busy.

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