Sunday, January 23, 2005

Slow Sunday

Because of the weather, Sunday morning and Sunday evening services were combined into a afternoon service. It began at 2PM. We took advantage of the late start to sleep in a bit. Well, Tammy slept in. I wake up all hours of the night. I rarely sleep more than 4 hours in a stretch. I was, however, able to add an extra stretch.

Sunday afternoon at church was great. Dad taught. The kids went with us and sat in the adult class. They enjoy papaw's teaching. After class, there was a get together for Kaspar, my nephew. He is headed off to the Navy on Tuesday. There was soup, chili, and a variety of sandwiches. Of course, there had to be cake and desserts. You can't get church folks together without there being desserts around. The food and company was great.

We got back to the house after 5 and chilled the rest of the night. I watched the Patriots/Steelers game and worked on school 'stuff'. After the game, I watched a new series premiere of "Numbers". It was an OK show. It deals with a FBI agent and his mathematician genius brother. The latter uses his considerable math skills to assist the former in solving a series of rape/murders. Not a bad premiere. We will see where the series goes.

After that, I watched a little news and weather and snuggled into bed .. Night all !

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