Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Slowly .. from the pit of my stomach ..

It seems the churning is catching up to me. This funk that has been running through the family is trying to encroach on my health. I have steadfastly refused to take this thing, but my stomach is doing some strange flip floppy thing. So far, I am still holding out.

We went out and looked at a surprising van this evening. Tammy saw a van when she was taking some things to dad. It was an '85 Chevy Astro. The body was great, no rust. The motor had been well maintained. The asking price is $800. We do need to replace Tammy's Lincoln. I think it will work nicely .... for $700 .. lol
What is that? What is it about haggling that makes ya think you can make a good deal into a great deal? Is it just something in the blood? Who knows ? Who cares? It is just a 'gotta try' thing.
There are school things that need to be attended to .. see y'all later.

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