Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Another day with students and it is getting better. I enjoy the teaching thing. They added 3 new students to my classes. I am up to 17.

As soon as I get books to teach from and safe up the shop, where we can do actual electric work, I think it will increase the fun greatly.

One of the things another teacher warned me about was being 'dumped' on. He said the high school sends their 'problem' kids to the vocational school. I guess, in one way, that makes sense. If there is a problem with educating them, you want them out of the general population (like it is a prison). Also, if books and education are not working, teaching them a trade will help them make it in the real world. One of the points I stress to my students is that this is preparing them for the time they are paying their own bills. I try to get them to understand that missing work has greater consequences than missing school. Mistakes at school mean a lower grade. The grade after this is reflected in the difference between driving a beater with bald tires and driving a Cadillac Escalade. It is the difference between owning a home or renting a small apt. I think kids need a real nuts and bolts education that shows them the differences between trying and not trying.

In Homeschooling Sierra, one of the exercises she did was to go to the grocery and get prices, find an apt, figure utilities and other bills, and figure how to make a living with her and hubby both working and making a decent wage. Then she had to redo the exercise figuring her and hubby making minimum wage. It showed her the difference between what it means to work hard or take the easy road.

This is what vocational should be teaching, along with a trade. I feel it is my job to prepare them for the next step, not only in a genuine good start in a high paying trade, but in understanding the real world.

My number one class rule is: if you don't know, ASK. If you are not sure how to do some part of this work, ASK. I have it on the bulletin board. Assimilate Selective Knowledge.

Anyway .. Time for bed .. Y'all have a goddern'

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