Thursday, January 27, 2005

At School

It is test day. The students are diligently pouring over the test. My usual advice to them is that they take their time and double check their answers. Here in the valley, (the high school is on the hill) we have an advantage. Our classes are approximately 90 minutes long. That gives them ample time to take a test without feeling rushed.
Then there are also things in electrical circuits that will enable them to check their figures. There are answers that must add up. If these answers do not jive, then something is wrong. We are dealing with resistors this week. This includes working with voltages and currents. Using the answers they get on a problem, they can input into another formula and it should match. If it doesn't, then a mistake, either in formula or math, has been made.
This is my 3rd block period. 1st and 2nd block are combined to make them 90 minutes long.

Well, tests are coming to my desk. I had best get off of here and find my RED pencil.

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