Friday, November 14, 2008

Welcome to my house

In this great house of life
There are rooms for all occasions
There are rooms
Filled with warmth and merriment
Filled neat and orderly
Filled messily and full of clutter
There are rooms with windows
And sunshine streaming gloriously
There are rooms
With great welcoming doors
With friendly viewing panes

And then
There are those rooms
With dark doors
With no windows
Where the unmanageable
Is placed waiting for a time
More convenient for dealing with them
These rooms are seldom visited
They are cold and dark
You know they are there
You know what is inside
Eventually you can walk past the door
And almost not notice

Then the day comes
There is something in that room
Something you have tried not to need
But that day has come
Opening the door is difficult
Stepping inside is like
Stepping into another world
On one side of the threshold
Is bright and warm
On the other side
Is dark and cold
As quick as you can
You rush inside
You do the grab and go
Slamming the door behind

Yes, those are my dark rooms
Guarded by my dark doors
Where my dark times
And dark thoughts reside

Welcome to my house

Ron Simpson, Jr
November 13, 2008


miruspeg said...

This post was so visual Ron.
I felt I was in that house with all those rooms, it was like being part of a thriller......then the best ending....where the dark thoughts reside.

Brilliant.....loved it.

Also loved the line you wrote on my blog 'welcome to our world. Watch that first step .. cuz .. it is a dooozy'

Have a good weekend.

Gill said...

Your house looks a bit like mine! I try to keep my dark rooms in the west wing and never go there!! I guess one day i will visit them...until then i'll be in the happy rooms ;)
Love your poetry :)
Hope all is now well with 5 of 7 and the the fiance :D Keep smiling!

Merrily Down the Stream said...

Are we roommates? I am finding that eventually I must go into the room and sit in it - only then do I have any chance of maybe cleaning it out to leave space for something beautiful. It has only taken me 49 years to figure that out!

Thanks for visiting me.

Octamom said...

Fantastic analogy--we all have those rooms, don't we?