Thursday, November 06, 2008

old memories and empathic invasion

I hurt right back

I hurt
So I hurt right back
I can’t even remember
If I thought about it
If I wanted it
If I meant it
It hurt
So I hurt right back

I started thinking
I started wanting
I started meaning
And I got better
I knew just what to say
I knew just when to say it
I hurt
So I hurt right back

It became my drug
I waited for it
I looked for it
I knew it would come
I needed the rush
I needed the high
I hurt
So I hurt right back

Sharp words
Biting retort
Stinging expressions
It felt so natural
Nothing like
A learned response
I hurt
So I hurt right back

I didn’t know
What it did inside
I became less
Anger became more
The raw
Was the raw within
I hurt
So ..

It stopped
I looked at it
Eye to eye
I was scared
It wore my face
It had my voice
It knew my words
I hurt

I left it there
Railing in the wind
Hurling its venom
Screaming its rage
It could not be
My part anymore
I hurt
So, I walked away

Ron Simpson, Jr.
November 5, 2008


Gill said...

WOW this is awesome. Maybe some more people in the world should read this poem.
Thank you for your reply on my blog. I agree whole heartedly Children should be cherished.

audrey said...

oookay??? so what is this about daddy?

miruspeg said...

Very, very powerful poem Ron.

I so enjoy reading your posts.