Thursday, November 20, 2008


(not what is actually out there)
It is snowing outside (as opposed to snowing inside, I guess) and it is sticking to the ground. Waahooooo! I love snow. I love Winter (as is obvious to my regular readers .. My Warm Friend.) As I said, it isn't like it is in the picture, yet, but it is coming down. I love it! Kyle is hoping for a snow day.

Hey Debbie (suburbsanity) I will get to put the big red truck in 4-wheel drive.

Of course, while I will not be going there, I am sure Kroger is packed with worry-warts making sure they have bread and milk. I am sure there will be a few that will be wishing the new section (wine and liquor) was opened already.

I am not worried, although I did finish off the last of the NUKE DIP today.

Oh, the weather outside is frightful .. but the fire is so delightful .. and since we've nowhere else to go .. let it snow, let it snow, let it snow !


Debbie said...

Well, I hadn't heard about The Big Red Truck (which totally needs a name) in so long. I was afraid you had moved onto a convertible or something.
And jealous doesn't even cover my emotions over that snow. I heard about it on the news last night. I am expecting my dad to call any minute to rub it in that he got snow and I didn't.
And will it stick around your house? I mean, finishing that nuke dip must have raised the temp around there substantially.

Gill said...

I would love some of your snow. Snow in the UK covers everything from the only flake of the year to a splattering we get (mostly in April though??)every couple of years! So i am deadly jealous! I miss real proper snow, the stuff you can lose a welly boot in, the stuff that makes you fall over and makes the roads clear because nothing can pass. Maybe Santa will leave me some next month ;)

Retro Girl said...

What the heck! was the first thing outta my mouth when your blog loaded in my browswer and I saw that Until I saw the disclaimer you put!

It's a picture...heheh...but I don't like snow. I'm already in 24/7 Beach-Fantasy mode...dreaming of summer.

Baby Tunnel Exodus said...

What a pretty picture! I LOVE snow... until I don't. See, up here in Minnesota the novelty tends to wear off quicker than not because, well let's face it, we only get 3 months a year that it Doesn't snow. It snows on Easter for crying out loud. So, from the first flake to Valentine's Day I'm all over it and then... notsomuch. But I love a good snow day just as much as my kiddies; hot chocolate, snowmen and time off are cherished memories.

Blessings, Whitney