Tuesday, November 18, 2008

just add water .. any water

The recipe for traffic disaster in Kentucky .. just add water .. any water ..

It can be something as treacherous as snow, sleet, or ice. However, it can be as minuscule as fog, drizzle, or misty rain. As long as there is water involved, it changes the whole dynamics of driving around here. Not that it is harder to drive in it, it is just that all the other idiots out there cant drive in it.

I saw a bumper sticker once that said: Why am I the only person on the planet that knows how to drive?

Last night/evening there were some insignificant flurries. There was NO accumulation. Still, the 11 o'clock news reported a sharp increase in the number of traffic accidents. They included everything from minor fender benders to cars being totaled.

It makes me want to stay off the roads completely. Snow cant do that. sleet cant do that. Rain cant do that. Crazy drivers can do it. I will avoid the accident by avoiding the drivers.
Oh yeah, and Kroger (grocery) was packed. A snowflake fell and everyone in a three county radius had to dash to Kroger to stock up on milk and bread. It never fails. Whenever there is snow (or even the forecast of it) Kroger will sell out of bread and milk. I am thinking there are lots of things I could use if i was snowed in for a few days, but bread and milk do not top that list.

So, I will stay home with my chips and dip, and avoid all the dips out there on the road.


Debbie said...

And heaven forbid if they predict two flakes of snow on senior citizen day at Kroger. My children will go hungry before I will brave that crowd.

Gill said...

aah to be that lucky :) In the UK we have ONE singular snow flake and the whole country comes to a stand still. A sigle wet autumnal leaf on the train tracks will cause days of isruption for commuters too scared to drive in the snow flake! I kid you not. The whole country is full of fairweather drivers. It never settles here, and we lay more salt on the roads it ends up deeper than the snow! So i offer huge sympathies but am glad to know that like us, you guys have your share of numpties too!

Gwendolyn said...

I always wanted to move to Kentucky, if only because it is still in the south but would give me the occasional snowfall that I hardly ever get in Georgia. Last year it snowed about a half an inch here and everybody went insane. It was melted the next day. *Sigh* No one can drive in any kind of weather around here either. :o)

Retro Girl said...

Never knew what real snow was....till I got relocated HERE...near Chicago. OMG It snowed nearly every single day last winter...(which to me, seems to last from late Oct. until April'ish!!) I'm talking Feet of snow.

I'd give anything to have a Lexington winter again!! lol :-)
(The kind where you can sweep the snow off your porch with a broom...)

heh..I remember the grocery store raids they have, the wrecks...here, everyone goes out for Breakfast Anytime...when the weather's bad. I guess they're used to it. Not me....I never will be...