Monday, November 24, 2008

In honor

Tammy's ex passed away nearly a year ago. He passed on November 25th, 2007. Old readers of my blog will remember those posts. Tammy asked me if I could write something for the kids to help them through this difficult anniversary. 2007 was a tough year around here. "C" said, "Everyone in this house lost a father in 2007." My dad went home on March 8th of that year. Tammy's dad passed almost a month later. Then, in November, the kids lost their dad.

Tammy thought it might be hard for me, being as I lost dad so close to all this. I still miss my dad tremendously. That missing, and knowing the kids went into this. I know it is a day early, but here is something in his memory .. for the kids.

You and Me

Time passed
But time stood still
Part of me recognizes
That it has, in fact, been a year
Three hundred sixty-five days
Since you left us unexpectedly
My mind knows it has been that long
Part of me still feels
Like it was just yesterday

No time has passed
In that part of my heart
It froze on that day
Others in my heart continued
In that place
Where you live
Time has stopped

You still laugh
You still play
You still speak

We still walk and talk
We still love

We still are
You and me

For C, S, C, and K
On the anniversary of R’s passing
November 25, 2008

Ron Simpson, Jr.


Baby Tunnel Exodus said...

Sometimes I'd like to ask God for a heart like yours, but I'm not sure I'm strong enough to handle the answered prayer. This is beautiful; pass the hugs around.

Blessings, Whitney

Gill said...

Oh my this is just beautiful. You said everything that needs to be said, i felt everything you wrote about. Thinking of you all on this anniversary.

Debbie said...

Ron, it is hard to comment on these poems. They are so beautiful and seem so personal. I love them.

Mrs Parks said...

Thank you.

Octamom said...

Beautiful--thanks for sharing this-