Friday, November 28, 2008

cause and effect

funniest thing ..

Dusty, the 70 pound boxer is lying on our water bed. He is sleeping so soundly. Tammy is reading and I am watching part of a Bond mini marathon on one of the channels. Dusty rolls over and falls off the bed. As he is falling and flailing, his foot hits the pulled shade covering one of the Windows by the bed. It is one of the old style pull down shade types, and when he hits it, it pulls and rolls back up all the way and flap flap flaps.

Lacey, the six pound mini doxie, hears all the commotion. comes out from under the covers, yapping. Dusty, freshly waken, startled already by the shade flapping, hears Lacey raising six kinds of cain, takes off out of the bedroom in dead run. Tammy and I are stunned for a second or two, and then proceed to laugh until we almost cry.

Dusty comes back a minute later and climbs up on the bed, with this sheepish embarrassed look on his face (if dogs can look embarrassed.)
He does his HOHO thing (half on/half off,) and looks at us like, "you didnt see that, did you?"

Meanwhile, we are still laughing.


miruspeg said...

Thanks Ron I needed a laugh.....and animals will always give us lots to laugh about.

Love the photos too and the jacket!!!


Octamom said...

Hee hee!! Reminds me of those cartoons where one crazy thing leads to another!!