Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Friend

You were a stranger
The first time we met
I didn’t know on that day
We were to be friends
We would never forget

We fell in ‘like’
Like a lightning flash
Someone above knowing
This friendship would carry
Through lifes cinder and ash

Although time and distance
Prevent my eyes from seeing your face
Within my heart
You still, and will always
Reside in that special place

Through thick and thin
Within and without
You have been my beacon
My sounding board, my confidante
My friend, without a shadow of doubt

The word may be well overused
And to some has lost its meaning
But nothing thrills my heart
Quite like this word
For sorrow and pains intervening

We are friends
All the live long day
From uncounted days gone by
To the countless tomorrows
This will never sway

You are
Will always be
My friend

Ron Simpson, Jr.
November 19, 2008


Debbie said...

Another wonderful poem.
Can I confess that I misread one line the first time? I thought you said "You have been my bacon" and I was a little confused. Beacon - got it the second time.

miruspeg said...

Beautiful poem Ron.
You articulate your feeling in a wonderful way.

Take care

Retro Girl said...

This is just beautiful...


Heather of the EO said...

I love it.

This brought to mind a particular childhood (and into adulthood) friend. I'm going to share it with her!

I loved your comment about finding humor on the EO today.

Thank you, Ron.

Baby Tunnel Exodus said...

Is there anything you Can't do?? Wow; you're very talented! My Nana used to write poetry; I always wished I could but I didn't get the gift. I really appreciate yours.

Blessings, Whitney