Saturday, November 29, 2008

I hab a code

sniffling, sneezing, eyes watering, nose running, aching, up all night, cold !!

Tammy says (on another note) that I have been partially vindicated. Several years ago, I wrote a blog about the perfect Christmas gift. I will include excerpts from it in the following post:

I have perfected the entire Christmas experience. We (the family & I) were having an in depth discussion about Christmas. Tammy asked me when I wanted to go Christmas shopping. (We have done some preliminary shopping.) I told her, “December 24th.”

Here’s what you do, I explained. You go to the sock aisle at Meijer and walk down the aisle shoveling socks into the buggy. You do want to make sure you hit a few different colors for those that have favorite colors. Let me ask you, sincerely, who can’t use a few new pairs of socks?

What person, rich or poor, married or single, man or woman, can honestly say that they do not have any need for a couple more pairs of socks?

They are the perfect gift. They are universally worn. They are unisex. They come in one size fits all (except Godzilla feet.) They are more than just made for the feet. They had multiple uses. A nice fluffy sock can also be used as a mitt for car washing. They can be a bank for your loose money. Extra socks can be used as mittens when the tide of the snowball fight is going against you and provide the needful protection to allow you to double your output of firepower.

They are enjoyed by young and old alike.

They eliminate the “you gave him more than me” crying, so often heard this time of the year. Everyone gets socks. They are the great equalizer of today’s society. They eliminate the need to shop for days and stand in line for hours after and before fighting maddening crowds on the road and in parking lots. As a gift, socks reduce stress (always a good thing this time of the year.) Think of the hours you can spend with the kids when you don’t have to be out in the weather, out in the traffic, out in the crowd, fighting for an X-box 360.

Not being out in the weather reduces your chances of getting sick.

Not being in traffic reduces your chances of being in an accident.

Not being in a crowded mall or department store reduces your exposure to germs and idiots.

Socks, as a gift, lengthen your life. It is comforting to know, the years you add to your life by avoiding stressful times and places, will be spent enjoying the socks you have accumulated over the years.

Even though the Bible doesn’t mention it (and I hope I am not being sacrilegious here), I am sure one of the wise men, along with the gold, frankincense, myrrh, thought to bring socks. (After all, they were wise!)

So practical. So easy. So thoughtful. So simple. And yet, so overlooked.

The gift that keeps on giving for years to come. Who would have thought, Christmas could be so simplified, as giving and receiving socks.

Keep those Christmas thoughts flowing, and your toes warm. Have a sock today.

Shop early, shop often. Keep a few extra pairs around for unexpected visitors. Your thoughtfulness will be greatly appreciated.

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a nice warm pair of socks.

This message brought to you by the Association of Sock Sellers.(Kidding)

The vindication part comes in, in the fact that, all of the kids this year, on their Christmas gift wish list, have included .. you know it .. SOCKS !!

The truth shall set you free !!

Have a socky day.


Heather of the EO said...

That's too funny.

I actually agree. I love getting socks! :) There. Further vindication for you!

Gill said...

ROFLMBO this cracked me up because i have bought all my kids some socks this year!!! Your my friend are obviously waaay ahead of your time!!

K and/or K said...

I need socks every year and every year I ask for them and they are declared "too boring" to gift. Why? Socks rock!

Octamom said...

Hee heee!

Oh, and sorry you're, um, sick!


Baby Tunnel Exodus said...

I'll have you know I have a bag of socks in the bottom of my closet for my children's Christmas presents... and they've been there for a month! I LOVE New socks. You are a wise man indeed.

Blessings, Whitney

Baby Tunnel Exodus said...

PS - Feel better! Your description reads Nyquil is your cure. As a matter of fact, my Dad's cure All is Nyquil. Cold? Nyquil. Broken leg? Eh, More Nyquil. LOL!!

Blessings, Whitney

miruspeg said...

I have just gotten over a cold...2 weeks of sniffling, sneezing, eyes watering, nose running (I borrowed your words) and you know what I forgot to do WEAR SOCKS!!!

Thanks for the laugh mate and hope that nasty cold 'blows' away soon.