Monday, November 10, 2008

Just the ending of a day

I am rebuilding my poetry website ... slowly ... I have over 200 poems to add to the new site.

As I was adding this poem, I thought I might share it here.

Just the ending of a day

Each day begins,
Bright and of promise filled,
Like a piece of virgin earth,
Awaiting labor’s hand, to be tilled;
We welcome the new beginning,
And the challenge it brings,
We see its beauty,
As it slowly unfurls golden wings;
Lifting gently,
From its place of birth,
Seeking wisely,
Labor to give it worth;
We rush, we stop,
We charge, we retreat,
We cry for its loss,
And celebrate its marvelous feat;

Quickly or slowly,
As it moves along,
Sometimes welcomed,
Sometimes dreaded,
It is just the ending of a day....

All the days in our lives will end,
Some as we wish, some not,
And we will take into tomorrow,
The things we have wrought;
We look back across,
The days fresh made trail,
To see where we did win,
And where we did fail;
We wonder how much more,
We may have done,
But if our best we gave,
Without remorse,
We face the setting sun;

As the sun sets,
On the horizon of our days,
Somewhere it rises,
Spreading it’s wings and golden rays;
We take the lessons,
Into tomorrow’s great abyss,
Into the bright,
And full of promise;
It is not the finish,
Of a labor fine,
It is not the finish,
Of a life, rich like aged wine,
It is not the finish,
Of a relationship going away,
It is just the ending of a day;

The sun is resting,
To rise again,
And gathering new challenges,
With which to begin;
A labor new,
And love to embrace,
A new beginning,
To another day’s race;
These things, We may only find,
As we let it move away,
And welcome tenderly,
The beginning of a new day.....

Ron Simpson, Jr.
January 1999

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Debbie said...

I don't know why you read an untalented person like me. You are such great writer. I always enjoy your poems.