Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hot stuff coming through

What a day !

Not to be one to air dirty laundry in public, BUT . . . . .

The cell phones started ringing and dinging early this morning. It seems that Federal Marshals showed up at 5 of 7's door this morning looking for the fiance' that still hadn't made it back to the post. They even had a federal warrant for his arrest. Her cell, which she shares on his plan stopped being able to make or receive calls. She eventually found out, through an army buddy of his, that the marshals finally picked him up at the airport, still in Lexington. How interesting. Her phone started working after she got the word that he was in custody.

All this drama interrupted my cooking. That is where the hot stuff comes in. I made "NUKE DIP" today. What is "NUKE DIP," you ask ? Well, let me share this highly secret recipe (keep it to yourself):

2 pounds of ground beef
1 pound of hot breakfast sausage
Some diced jalapenos (amount according to your taste)
some diced hot banana peppers (amount according to your taste)
some diced onions (amount .. well, you know)
some diced tomatoes and chilies (Rotell)
some habanero pepper sauce (Dave's Insanity is my choice)
24 oz Hot Pace Picante sauce
3 pounds of Velvetta Cheese

Brown the beef and the sausage in the juice of the jalapeno and banana peppers and set aside
Saute' the peppers, onions, tomatoes, and chilies and set aside
Cube the Velvetta Cheese and put in large bowl
Add Picante sauce to bowl
Microwave the cheese and picante mix stirring at every minute interval until it is smooth
Once the cheese picante mix is smooth, stir in the meats
Then stir in the peppers, onions, tomatoes, and chilies
Then add the habenaro sauce a little at a time to adjust the final flavor

Serve hot or cold. Serve with chips, on sandwich, with scrambled eggs, or use as a veggie dip to give it some healthy advantage (this will throw your bodies systems in shock, expecting something healthy via the veggie and themn being overrun by the NUKE!)

This stuff marches on through the body. It is delicious. It get hotter with each bite.

Be careful around others with it. Once they taste it, they will pester you for the rest of your life to make it.

All the ingredients cost about $20. It makes about 7.5 pounds. It fills my 7 quart bowl. It does not eat the plastic of the bowl, either (surprise.)


Debbie said...

I am not sure what to say. I want to say how glad I am that they picked him up and maybe he'll learn something.
Also, I'm thinking I'm breaking out in a sweat just reading that recipe.

Octamom said...

Sorry about the challenges for 5 with the situation with her fiance--

The recipe looks fantastic--this sounds like a must for our big Christmas family party--we all love the hot stuff!