Friday, November 07, 2008

taking pictures yesterday

I was out a bit yesterday with the cameras. I have been looking for a fall graveyard scene. I have seen it in my mind, but haven't found it out there yet. There is a graveyard in Morehead (35 miles) that I have been told about that might work. It is beside a church. Nice fall folliage. No intrusive powerlines.

However, it is sprinkling outside my window. I might not be able to do it today. Saturday morning is taken with scheduled errands. That is the problem with fall. It moves quickly. One week can make a world of difference. We shall see what we shall see.


Debbie said...

Great pictures. I spent a lot of my youth prowling around cemetaries because my mom loved to do that.
Where have you been lately? Haven't heard much from you. Started painting that fridge yet?

miruspeg said...

Yes I agree Autumn (fall) is gone in a flash. It is a beautiful season, the colours are spectacular.
You got some excellent graveyard photos and I enjoyed your slideshow.

Retro Girl said...

I used to hang out in Lexington Cemetary alot...just thinking, taking photos, walking, feeding geese. It's very beautiful and peaceful there.

Cemetary photos are so dramatic. They speak volumes. Your shots are amazing. Especially the one of the broken stone. It has such a forlorn melancholy to it. (poem? I know it's in there! lol)