Saturday, November 08, 2008

sniff sniff .. is something in here spoiled?

My honey is back to blogging, thanks in part to her early Christmas present (we will call it that until Christmas when she will be wanting something else.)

Her blog (
TroublesHandful) tells how I went out to The Walmart (as my friend RetroGirl say we call it in the south.)The first guy in line was there at 4:00 AM. Okay, I wanted to save 50% on a laptop, but not enough to be in line for 4 hours. I was there just before 8:00 and had the laptop before 9:00. When I left there were still 7 or 8 people in line and they had 3/4 of a pallet load left.

Yes, Debbie (
SuburbSanity) I did drive the big red truck.

She claims I spoil her. I am not so sure about that. I mean, I did buy her a house for her birthday two years ago, and a Camaro from Ebay a couple year ago. I do write her mushy love poetry from time to time. Come to think of it, "Sniff sniff" .. there might be something spoiled in here.

She just hit me and said, "Hey, I smell good!"


Gill said...

LMBO that is too funny! I think your "honey" is less spoiled more completely loved, and that is just how it should be ;)Am off to check out her blog :)

McMGrad89 said...

I wouldn't call it spoiled...but definitely blessed.

BTW - we do call it the The Walmart here in Texas...I add "the" to just about everything...The Macy's, The Sears, The HEB, etc.


Debbie said...

Hey - didn't I leave that big red truck comment on her blog? No fair peeking into her things. I think you are spoiling her but all women should be spoiled. And here in TN, it is either The Walmart or Wallyworld (which is a heck of a lot worse in my opinion). But, I'm a Target gal myself. That's why I don't have a nice, new laptop!