Friday, November 28, 2008

From the book

I saw something on TV that reminded me of this episode. It is chonicled in my book, "Journey Into Darkness." It talks about Kyle, who was then, 8 years old.

"He asked me, a day, or so ago, if he killed someone accidentally, is that a sin? I asked him if he planned to kill anyone accidentally. He does ask some interesting questions. It is intriguing to see the way his mind works. Those things he cannot figure out, he creates working solutions. The solution may only work in Kyle-realm, but it works.

He has a very active fantasy imagination. He and I are super hero’s that work for a top-secret organization that is responsible for all life on planet Earth. This morning, he told me that he quit his job. He is no longer going to moonlight as a super hero. This is going to cause a gap in the schedule, as I am on vacation during this time as well. I am sure, however, that someone will step into the gap. After all, that is what super hero’s do.

Reading this as I write it, he has decided that he wants his old job back. He called the ‘boss’ and reapplied. Of course, he was rehired on the spot. Sleep easy. The world is safe once more.

How nice it would be if all the problems we have could be solved as easy as an imaginary phone call on a toy cell phone.


Octamom said...

Oh, yes, things would be much easier!


Baby Tunnel Exodus said...

Um, what's that cell phone's number? I've got a few save the earth we're in peril phone calls I'd like to place to it, ha ha ha!

Blessings, Whitney

Heather of the EO said...

I LOVE the imaginations of kids. I play right along too :)

That's a BIG superhero job, but someone's gotta do it.