Wednesday, November 26, 2008

on the eve of giving thanks

on the eve of giving thanks
one stops, a question to ponder
is thankfulness for a day
or daily, one must wonder

while pausing life for a day
of thanks gives no harm
if only for that day
it must bring alarm

it is every day
day in and day out
that our lives are enriched
by friends, family, and God, no doubt

therefore, of every day's thanks
we save a small part
then, on this special day
we release it from our heart

we sweep it diligently
so, no thanks is left behind
we sweep the cupboards and cabinets
exposing all the thanks we find

it all should come out
on this Thanksgiving day
a joyous celebration
a liberation, in a way

we must make place
for the next years praise
so our blessings may continue
for all of next years days

therefore, I must say thanks
to each and every one of y'all
and do some heart spring cleaning
on this cool day in the fall

happy thanksgiving I wish
and His blessings on you
and may you save some thanks
in everything you do

thanks to you, my friends


Baby Tunnel Exodus said...

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Blessings, Whitney

PS, the liberation line? All over it this year, lol.

Gill said...

Have a wonderful thanksgiving, i will be working!! Enjoy your day :)