Saturday, November 22, 2008

Out of the ordinary

Today is November 22. Tammy said I was always asking what the date was, so she got me this calendar. As you can see, it has blocks that you change daily. This reminds you of the date (except when you forget to change them for a few days.)

The problem with this is that once my brain becomes accustomed to it being there, it sees it, but doesn't see it. Case in point: Has a friend ever dyed their hair or shaved a beard, and you knew something was different, but couldn't put your finger on what it was. That is because we see things without seeing them. To combat this, I do what you see in the picture. I put the numbers in sideways, or upside down, or sideways reversed, etc. This way my brian registers that something isn't quite right and forces me to take notice. We notice the things out of the ordinary.

That being said, I want to give a shout out to my blogging buddies. Their 'out of the ordinary' senses of humor (or sense of humors) keep me noticing the things around me. I want to thank them for sharing their lives and showing the commonalities and the extra ordinariness of simple life (as if 'simple' and 'life' could ever coexist in the same reality.)

This is not a blog award, per say, but here is to Octamom, Debbie, Whitney, Red, Heather, Peg, Gill, Tricia, and Marilyn for all the laughs and provoking thoughts. Y'all have, at various times, lifted my heart, made me smile, made me laugh out loud, made me cry, inspired me to write, inspired me to believe, and filled my days.

Thanks for the stories that bridge the miles, cross the oceans, and bring your families into my homes. I hope I have done a smidgen of what you have done for me. You are my 'out of the ordinary' friends.


Debbie said...

Aw shucks. You are too sweet. And you inspire us too!

miruspeg said...

You are a kind soul Mr Ron!
It goes without saying the feeling is mutual.

By the way when I first looked at your calendar block I saw the date as 11....I have a thing about 11:11!!

Have a great one.

Retro Girl said...

I can't tell you, my friend, with just a kind word, funny anecdote, joke or big hug you many times you have lifted my heart, made me smile, laugh out loud, inspired me...and how watching you and Tammy together has filled my heart so full sometimes, it ran over in tears from my eyes...made me laugh and grin so hard my cheeks hurt. And how you both made me feel good about myself...and feel the love of good friends. I thank you for much!

I'm so thankful for these blogs too...lets me hear your thoughts...daily happenings and your hearts, 'out loud'....

Miss you guys **HUGS**

Retro Girl said...

I forgot to include...(as I one time told Tammy) That you two really gave me faith to believe True Love really does exist...and Soul Mates really do exist...Your love for one another has always inspired me more than you know.
Love you guys!!!

Off topic: (sorta)
and Pssst-Peggy...My number is 444. I've seen it every day for the last 3 numbers, license plates, waking at 4:44am, just happening to look up at the clock at drives me nuts sometimes! lol. (I did look it up in a "new age" book...and it said "someone" is trying to send you the message..."Everything is Okay"...So that made me feel better.

Heather of the EO said...

I am so touched by this! Thank you!

This is funny, you'll enjoy it.

I was just thinking that you're one of only two MALE blog friends- I love to read what you right, love how you think and express your faith, etc. Then I looked down and noticed the word verification word for my comment is boydroll. BOY and ROLL are both in there. You're on my boydroll. I don't know what the d stands for, but that's too funny.

Thank you again, friend.


Heather of the EO said...

Oh my, I'm too tired, I just said "what you right" What I mean is WRITE of course. ugh, I need to go to bed early tonight. The whole sentence was frightening. sheesh.

Anonymous said...

I am so touched! You are a blessing to ME, my friend. Your gift to pull messages out of the Word never fails to knock my socks off. You see past the ink on a page and read God's very heart to me. Trust me when I say the privilege is mine.

Blessings, Whitney

Gill said...

Well Sunday morning just got off to a great start ;) Thank you for the mention :)And yes - your blog does have the same effect on me and the family. My kids love your poems and we do sit and discuss some of them (i will give them culture and a rounded education!!) over dinner! Proud to be a blogging buddy ;)

Mrs Parks said...

O geeeeeeez........ and at a time when I feel like such an emotional schmuck.
Your kind words lifted my heart and made my eyes leak.
I have been such a boring blogger of late due to a mind made out of cards waiting for the final nudge to knock them all down.
I'm surprised anyone even tunes in anymore to see my "pre-generated posts".
Thank you for the smile, it feels good.