Sunday, October 10, 2004

Yippe ti yi ya, get along little terrorists

Yipeeeee, I have my very own Kerry/Edwards yard sign.

Tammy and I talked to the campaigners yesterday. They decided that we were very 'informed' and should be working the phone lines for them. That is a consideration. I would be in favor of it, depending on the times available.

One of the things we talked with them about was the war in Iraq. While I concede that we might be in this war even if Kerry were president at the time (and he has never denied that we would be), I understand that we would not be in it alone. We would not be bearing the overwhelming majority of the cost. The rising cost is over 138 billion dollars today. As I said in previous posts, I cannot comprehend numbers like that. There is a web site where you can get a firmer grasp on what those numbers means.

Cost of War

You can break it down to the individual states. You can compare it to what that money could have been spent on in other government programs like education and health care.

I have to say, GW scares me with his run and gun approach. That may work for the Ewings of South Fork Ranch in Texas on TV, but it is not a way to run a country. Why didn't terrorists attack us during the Clinton presidency? One could surmise that they were scared of the repercussions. That was a strong presidency. Less than one year after Bush took office, the nation fell under attack. What weaknesses we must have expressed. We were already alienating ourselves from other nations on other issues. Suddenly we looked alone and vulnerable. We need someone that can rally the world back into our corner.

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