Monday, October 25, 2004

Monday Monday

Well, here we are, one week later. Tammy still cringes slighlty when we are driving and other drivers seem to get close or act stupid. She tries not to let me see it, so, I pretend that I don't see it. She pretends that she doesn't see me pretending not to see her.
I called the credit union this morning and they are doing the paperwork for the loan. We have to be in Louisville tomorrow for Tammy's appt for another assessment of her wrist. We will sign the papers while there and everyone will be happy. The car dealer will be happy. They will have money. The credit union will be happy. They will have me locked in to giving them money. I will be happy. I won't have money but will have a ride.
We took the rental car back today to Enterprise. The car salesman came outside to admire the Bravada. He thought it was an '02. He was surprised when we told him it was a '99. It is a great ride.

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