Monday, October 18, 2004

Monday Monday

So, it begins. The Monday has arrived. Not anything special Monday. It is just a regular Monday. It is the return to getting up early. It is the return to schedules. It is the end of the chaos that we call a weekend. For me it is kind of reversed. I work on the weekends. I get up between 4:30 and 5:30 on weekends. I get dressed, grab the lunch box, and drive to work. My chaos is Monday thru Friday. Well, in truth, my chaos is working full time, even overtime. I am gonna hate to get the payroll bill for employee #265, chaos.
My other emotions are content to put in their few hours a day and go on about their business. Love is here all the time as well, but love works for free most of the time. Only occasionally does love require effort or extensive time. Worry generally stops by for a brief visit, but I don't entertain him. Stress has been laid off but still swings by to see if there is anything he can do. Joy and happiness have moved in and are content to work for room and board.

I am not the one that picks up the emotion line and calls for chaos. It is the kids. They bring it. The have him here all the time. Everything with them is a chaotic emergency. It is nothing for Chelsea to call from school with some emergency (to her) that needs to be handled immediately. It is generally something that could have been handled much earlier. They all get involved in their 'lives' and are oblivious about the things that need to be done tomorrow. As it is with all kids, today is all there is. Now is all they need to worry about. They will talk about the future and what they want to be in their futures, but they do not seem to understand that what they are doing right now is shaping their tomorrows. Lackadaisical efforts of today mean harder work tomorrow. Try as we may, we cannot seem to make that point stick. Perhaps it is because kids have a boundless energy to do the extra work that it will take later. That, and the small insignificant fact that kids are immortal. There is always tomorrow. Whatever we forget or decide not to do today will be there for us in the future and the future will always be there as well. I am not criticizing them about it. I was the same way.

I am still a procrastinator in some areas. It is ironic. At work I am a 'get it done now' kinda guy. I do my work then I stop and talk with the guys. Around here it is different. Many things are more important than doing those things that need to be done, eventually. Then suddenly it is time to do it now and I hurry off to do it. There is a brief moment when chaos jumps up. It doesn't bother me though, because I won't be hurried. Most things I do are on a sliding schedule. They need to be done when I get there. Someone suggested to me a few years ago that I needed to go into business for myself. Whoa ! That is just inviting chaos. The exterior untrained view of that is that you choose your own hours. You are your own boss. That is a standard lie. When you are in business for yourself, everyone is your boss. Every job you take, you have a new boss. You can't take your time. You are slave to a schedule. Your name is on the side of the truck and on the dotted line for every bill the business incurs. You have to work every day. You have to put in the long hours. You have to work thru the lunches and evenings, and holidays. Do you know why ? I'll tell ya .. That guy you hired to help you is just like you were when you were working for someone else. If the job gets done, great! If the job doesn't get done, ok. He is putting in his hours, collecting his check, and going home on time, because he doesn't have his name down on the dotted line. You want chaos ? Go into business for yourself.

Claim chaos as one of your dependents on your tax form. Explain that at the audit. Chaos costs much more than the kids. Chaos burns more gas. Chaos uses more lights. Chaos causes more water to be used in long soothing hot showers or baths. Chaos burns the midnight oil. Where is my CHAOS deduction on my tax form?
Monday, Monday, Wherefore art thou Monday?
Hidden beneath the chaos. Happy hunting !

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