Friday, October 01, 2004

3 debates in 1

I watched all 3 debates last night.

There was the one that the republicans says GW clearly won

There was the one that the democrats say JK clearly won

Then there was the one that the undecided American voter watched. As the debate was going on, I was online registering my vote on how well both of the candidates did. I noticed that the majority of the voting occurred in the few seconds following the asking of the question. People weren't thinking about their answers. They were blindly voting for the candidate they have already decided to back. The real question then, lies with the Americans that are undecided. I am not an undecided American. I have chosen my candidate and last nights debate only strengthened my resolve.
I anxiously await the Vice Presidential debate and the next and final round of presidential debates.

The face of the globe is changing. This is a vital election. The Russian president is garnering more power. He has taken over Russian TV. He has gathered more power into his office. North Korea has nuclear weapons. We will soon have a new pope. The entire face of the world is about to shift. We need to be sure we elect a President that is ready to stand strong in the face of that shift.

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Mary Read said...

I think Kerry's vice-president is better than him.In a television interview he was more assertive answering the questions that were put to both democrat candidates.
But, anyone is better than Bush!