Thursday, October 21, 2004

Another busy one

Man, today was a running day.

We were up at 7 to wake the kids. It was drop off the kids .. then we went to pick up Chris and Jordan (Chris hates to wait alone) to take them to court for Chris' final appearance on his disorderly charge .. It is being dropped with prejudice (Chris admits that the police had probable cause to arrest him .. so he cant sue them) .. then to the car dealer to pick up the jeep to take it, eventually, to the mechanic .. Jeep collected, it is off to courthouse to drop off Chris and Jordan .. we give then Tammy's phone so they can call us when they are done .. then to collision Care to meet with the insurance adjuster .. from there we take me to Jeffs to finish the electric on his house while Tammy goes to the county clerk to clear the lien on my title .. she finished that and went to the adjuster and picked up the check .. by the time she got back I was finished and ready to go .. off we went to Versailles to see the mechanic .. the Jeep didn't pass .. Run far, run fast .. we drive back to Lexington to drop it off .. as we are leaving the dealership, Chris calls to tell us he is ready to be collected .. as we go to get him we stop to see the man that sold me the Blazer at the new dealership where he works .. to let him know I am looking for a new ride .. he shows us a few things .. but we don't have time to test anything .. while there, the company picking up the old Blazer calls .. they are on the way to the house .. we drop me off to meet them .. Tammy picks up the boys .. she come back .. collects Sierra .. drops the boys off at their place and heads to Nicholasville to get Audrey's dog .. she is in heat .. the dog .. not Audrey .. we are breeding her with our Pom .. again .. the dog .. not Audrey .. Tammy comes back .. picks up Kyle .. she is here for 35 minutes before she has to pick up chella .. home .. from there we go to Jeff's house .. the inspector had some issues .. we fix those .. leaving Jeff's .. it is 5:30 pm .. a stop at rally's and supper is ready .. home for a bit .. a friend stops by for a visit .. when she leaves it is 10 pm .. Kyle goes to bed at 9:30 .. boyfriends go home at 10 .. the house is finally quiet .. I thought it was gonna be a busy day .. it is just a normal one ..

How was yer day ?

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