Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Full Days

It has been a long day.

My insurance adjuster was here at 9:30 to look at my Blazer. After some discussion, we decided to total it out and let them have it. Of course, the necessary papers showing that I had paid off the truck were missing. We searched and searched, finally finding the title and the pay off papers. Then we headed out to shop for a vehicle. One of the chatroom roomies worked for the local dealership where I purchased my Blazer. There we looked at several SUVs. The one that caught my eye was a fire engine red 1998 Jeep Cherokee Limited. It is pretty. After taking it for a test drive, we suggested a few things be fixed or checked. We will shop around a bit.

We went from there to dad's house to work on his computer and figure out why he couldn't record from his camcorder to his VCR. That mission was accomplished. Then it was, pick up Kyle, head home, pick up Chelsea, head home, go to Jeff's to do electric work, and head home. Somewhere in there, the insurance adjuster called with the amount of the check and the arrangements for picking it up. The car salesman called and we made arrangements to pick up the Jeep to take it to our mechanic. Tomorrow.

It was a long day. Tomorrow looks just as full.

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