Monday, October 04, 2004

Not yer typical Monday

Here it is Monday again. It is interesting to note that there are several important dates that fall on the same day of the year every year. This year these days fall on Monday. Dad's birthday was on Monday, July 5th. Tammy's birthday was on Monday, August 23rd. My birthday is today, Monday, October 4th. My anniversary is Monday, October 11th. Kyle's birthday is Monday, October 25th. Those are some mighty fine Mondays.

Today has been a great day. I woke up head over heels in love. I am in love with my wife. I am in love with my life. It isn't perfect. It isn't without drama or event. It is, however, far and above, normal. I am surrounded by family and friends that love me without any real good reason to do so.

I think we are all born with a need to be loved. How we go about accomplishing that varies from person to person. With me it is as it is with most. We equate attention with love. We seek attention. You may not try to be the life of the party. You may not try to be the one that everyone calls when they need something. Inside, however, there is something you do to capture the attention of that one that makes your liver quiver. I am not quite sure what I did to catch Tammy's attention, but I hope I never stop doing it. She turns my heart with her smile. She caresses my soul with her touch. I could live without her but it wouldn't be any fun. She lights the fire that is my morning sun.

I called Mom and Dad at 8:07 AM to thank them for giving birth to and raising me.

All of my kids called today to wish me happy birthday. That is way cool. In the middle of all the important things they do, they took time to stop and call 'old' dad. They will tell you that they don't have that many important things to do, but don't listen to them. They do. They are busy being Moms and wives. Heather is busy being a 16 years old about to turn 17. It means a lot to be remembered.

Tammy and the kids got me presents. I am very very very hard to buy for, for a couple reasons. If you ask me what I want, I will tell you that I want nothing. To me, birthdays and Christmas is more about the reason rather than the gift. Wish me happy birthday and you have given me enough. Then there is the fact that if I need anything, I go buy it. If I want something, I usually do the same. So there are few things that I really want or need that I don't already have. Tough as it was, they got me things. They gave me a beautiful blue Starter shirt, a bottle of Avatar, and a glorious lead crystal snowball candle base. I love candles. The kids wrote their own cards, which was just about the coolest thing ever. Tammy is cooking an extravagant meal. There is shrimp scampi, shrimp, lobster tail,crab legs, baked taters, and rolls. Too Cool.

Speaking of said meal, it is ready now.

Bon appetite.

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