Thursday, October 28, 2004


I couldn't resist. I just had to get into a political discussion. I knew better. I just could not resist though. It started with an email about GW flip flopping on his previous constitutional amendment against gay marriages. While, I will leave my opinion on that out of this post, I am happy to discuss my personal beliefs on a one to one basis with anyone. There were some emails that went back and forth about it behind the group discussion. One of them concerned the problem with getting the Government involved at all. I responded with ..

I agree .. Once ya get the government involved in something .. They never leave .. The Government is like a narcotic parasite .. Once they are in .. They create the need for them to stay .. They make such a mess out of anything that only they can manage it .. And it is our own fault .. We are too quick to say, "Let the feds do it"

I cannot imagine that the founding fathers ever thought or meant for the Government to grow as it has .. They were fleeing the government in England and it's tyrannical controls .. Now we are leading in that direction .. It is like pushing a snowball down a large hill .. It grows and grows .. and at one point .. We go from pushing it to trying to control it and then to trying to stay out of the way of its careening destruction .. yep .. Sounds like the government .. lol

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