Friday, October 15, 2004

Meeeeep Meeeeeep !!

Roadrunner .. That coyote's after you
Roadrunner .. If he catches you, you're through !!
So today I was the roadrunner or the coyote. I am not sure which. All I know was that I could have used an Acme Rocket® strapped to the top of the Blazer. We started by taking the kids to school. Then it was across town to the DR office for my blood work. That was followed by a trip back across town to the house. A few minutes online to answer emails and set up the next run and off we went to take Mercy to Mel. Mercy is Mercedes, a Golden Retriever, that we took to Stamping Ground to give to a friend on a trial basis. Then it was back 40 miles to Lexington and to drop Tammy off at her 'pain management' appt. Back across town I went, in a zigzag pattern avoiding streets closed or nearly closed by accidents and fires, to be at Kyles school to get him . Then back across town to pick up Tammy from her appt. From there it was rush back to pick Chelsea up from school. Dropped Chelsea and Kyle and picked up Malcolm, who is still confused about the missing Mercy.

By the way, the timing with Mercy couldn't have sucked any more for us. She went into heat and Malcolm lost his virginity last night. We walked out of the room for a few minutes. It couldn't have been more than 3 minutes when we heard them yelping. Tammy looked into the living room and exclaimed her favorite expression. "Oh shit." They were hooked. Then this morning it took as long as to walk from the kitchen to the computer desk chair. Tammy sat down, and in that 30 seconds or less, they were hooked again. Want any 'Box Retriever' puppies in about 9 weeks ?

Anyway .. We pick up the lust-sick Malcolm and go pick up Keisha. From there it is a trip to Nicholasville to drop her off at Audreys. Then, a stop at Mickey D's, for a lazy man's supper for the kids and back to Lexington we scurried. I think we drove around the world at one point. There was that one time when I turned a corner quickly and caught sight of myself up ahead just fading out of sight. I think we spend our lives trying to catch ourselves up ahead in the distance. The game is over when you finally catch yourself.

Maybe I'll catch myself tonight while we are out singing. It will be an early night though. Tomorrow is a work day for me. Mike with Butcher left me a message to be at work tomorrow while we were out of contact in Stamping ground.

For now it is, change the socks and underwear, and off we go. The 'chase' is on.

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