Friday, October 01, 2004

Power Karaoke Lunch

We went to Todd's for lunch today with some of the group. We took 8 yr old Kyle and 13 yr old Chella. After we had food and the cook/waitress/bartender/DJ wasn't too busy, we turned on the karaoke and sang a bit. More folks came so Tanya (the afore mentioned all in one) got busy cooking once again. She showed me how to work the Karaoke and the music continued. At one point, Tanya and her 6 year old karaoked together. It was so cute. Kyle and I sang together twice. We did "I wanna talk about me" and "American Soldier". Tammy sang a few and Chella joined her in a couple. Jonathon, a new to the meets roomie, sang one. Good job. I sang about 20. Tammy called me the mic hog. HEY, I only sang while waiting for others.
Anyway, we had a blast. I added a few new tunes to my growing list.

Several friends have suggested that I open a place since I love to sing and cook, and I don't drink. I could combine a few hobbies and not drink all my profits. I did have some backers once, but the primary place we wanted fell through and we couldn't find anything else suitable. I do understand that the place we had our sights set on first is now available again. Looking in my rolodex for those money men's numbers.

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