Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Dog Pimps "R" Us

Welcome to my dog pimping hotel.

Leonard, the guy I have yet to forgive for Donovan, now wants us to take Keisha. Keisha is another Pomeranian. Fortunately, I already have a home for her. With any luck at all, it will be a seamless exchange. If I plan it just right, we will pick up Keisha and take her directly to Audrey's house. There will be no overnight visit. There will be no breakfast with the dogs.
Dude won't have to go thru another traumatic reorganization of the hierarchy. If one more animal comes in here that he has to orient to his ruling of the household, he might just go insane. He will be taken down by snipers while in a clock tower picking off stray dogs and cats with a high powered rifle.
All the pets in the neighborhood will be on the news talking about how 'quiet' he always was, and how they never suspected he had it in him to do such atrocities. There will be pictures of him splattered all over the pet magazines with his rifle. The NRA will disavow any knowledge of modifications made on the rifle to fit it for cat usage, even tho they are available on the world wide web.
Rifles for Cats.
There will be endless lawsuits from lawyers reperesenting the security of stray animals.
Lawyers for Animals
It will just be easier all around if the dog does not make it into the house, for all concerned.

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